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Lavender Mind’s intention is to help bring peace to everyday living through organic products and tools to help slow down in a very fast world. 


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As a leukemia survivor at the age of eleven, I realized how precious life is. I lost many new friends due to their illnesses during my 3 year treatment at St. Jude hospital. I learned quickly that all we have is this moment. I also realized that humor can get you through pretty much anything! I promised myself that if I survived my illness, I would give back in some way. 

Fast forward life a bit, four teenagers, and an amazing husband. I began making organic products from ingredients coming from our tiny family farm. I sold locally and online and business did well. I knew the aromatherapy in my products was in some way helping others, but I could not shake the feeling that I needed to help in another way.  Mindfulness was helping me manage a life with four active teenagers; do I need to really finish this section? Sadly though, I’d noticed more and more anxiety and depression within my circles. I then started to take a deeper dive into a different approach that includes not only physical products with aromatherapy, but also mental tools including free meditations and services to help to re- focus, re-center, find calm, and live a full and enriched life. 

Every day is a gift. Let’s never forget that we are all here to be bright lights for ourselves and others. Let’s laugh as much as possible! 

A percent of all earnings from Lavender-mind will be given back to St. Jude Research hospital.


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